The Concession

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the largest of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, lies along the southern coast of the Arabian Gulf. Commercial quantities of oil in Abu Dhabi were first discovered offshore in September 1958, at the Umm Shaif oil field some 150 kilometers from the capital. Discovery of oil in commercial quantities onshore followed in August 1959 at Murban oil field (now known as Bab oil field), which lies in the desert some 100 kilometers to the southwest of the capital. Since that time numerous oil fields, large and small, have been discovered both onshore and offshore. JODCO's involvement in the petroleum industry in Abu Dhabi started in 1973 with its participation in ADMA Ltd.
Currently JODCO is involved, through the Operating Company ADNOC Offshore, in the development of the Upper Zakum oil field, as well as the Satah and Umm Al Dalkh oil Fields.

Oil Field Shareholders Location Start of production
Upper Zakum ADNOC      60%
ExxonMobil 28%
JODCO      12%
80km offshore, north-west of Abu Dhabi city 1982
Satah ADNOC  60%
JODCO  40%
180km offshore, north-west of Abu Dhabi city 1987
Umm Al-Dalkh ADNOC  60%
JODCO  40%
20km offshore, north-west of Abu Dhabi city 1985

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